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Myosotis Luncheon Napkins

Myosotis Luncheon Napkins


QUANTITY: 20 napkins in a pack; 3-ply

SIZE: 6.5" x 6.5" folded; 13" x 13" unfolded

PATTERN:  The same image on all four quarters of the napkin

Designed with exquisite detail, our floral napkins showcase the intricate charm of these beloved spring flowers. The lily of the valley's dainty white bells and the myosotis' soft blue petals dance harmoniously across the paper napkin, creating a serene and picturesque scene that evokes feelings of joy and tranquility. Ideal for adding a touch of springtime elegance to your crafting projects, our floral paper napkins are perfect for decoupage, scrapbooking, and other creative endeavors. Let the beauty of these floral motifs inspire your creativity as you embellish journals, create handmade cards, or adorn home décor items with a touch of natural charm.

European Excellency napkins are also the perfect complement to any occasion. Our paper napkins are not only visually appealing but also highly functional, offering convenience and easy cleanup for you and your guests. Whether you're hosting a birthday bash, bridal shower, or any special event, these napkins are the ideal choice to elevate your table settings. With their durability and absorbent qualities, our party paper napkins are designed to handle spills and keep your guests comfortable throughout the festivities. Make a statement and set the tone for a memorable gathering with our collection of stylish and practical paper napkins.

Step into a garden of enchantment with our Lily of the Valley and Myosotis Paper Napkins, where the delicate beauty of lily of the valley and myosotis blooms meets the versatility of crafting. Each napkin features a harmonious blend of these exquisite flowers, creating a captivating scene that ignites the imagination.

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